Looking Good For Labor Day Weekend

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A cold front that passed through the region overnight is bringing in cooler air from the arctic region. This will allow for our temperatures to remain 5-10 degrees cooler throughout the day. A much welcome change from the heat throughout the week. We’ll only reach the 60’s in the mountains, 70’s in the Basin, and the lower to mid 80’s in the Valley and Northern California. In addition to the cooler air we will sit in increasing high pressure, so we will also see mostly sunny skies for a while. A few pop-up showers will move through the central and northern Oregon today, but our region will remain dry. Winds will once again, be a factor Saturday and Sunday in the afternoons. 10-15 mph sustained out of the west and northwest and gusts at times up to 25 mph.

Smoke is the next topic of discussion. Winds, lately have been coming out of the southwest and  pushing the smoke from the Happy Camp Complex into Northern Siskiyou County and parts of Southern Oregon. Today, winds will move to a west to east direction allowing for smoke to trickle further south in Siskyou County. So, expect areas like Weed, and Mount Shasta City to get a larger dose of smoke today. Areas closer to the fire, like Happy Camp, Etna,Fort Jones, etc. will still see smoke through the weekend. On Monday, upper level models are showing an abrupt shift in winds out of the north. This will temporarily move the smoke south, so Labor Day is looking much better as far as smoke goes.

Labor day will be very nice in all areas,  mostly sunny skies and temperatures down a bit. It will be a wonderful day to get outside and enjoy yourselves.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

Meteorologist Seth Phillips

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Football Forecast:

Oregon Ducks vs. South Dakota Coyotes

Autzen Stadium: 7:30p.m. / Temperature at kickoff: 68 degrees / Winds: W 5-10 mph

OD_8-30Forecast: The residual effects of the cold front that passed overnight will bring in cloud coverage through the day. There will be enough moisture present for showers to develop in Central Oregon during the morning and early afternoon. Air at the surface will also be saturated, so rain that does fall will make it to the ground. Showers will be light and isolated. Showers will mostly dissipate in the early evening hours and by kickoff there may be a stray shower left in the region. Partly cloudy skies will continue for the rest of the game. Humidity will remain high and temperatures will stay mild.

Oregon State Beavers vs. Portland State Vikings

Reser Stadium: 1:00p.m. / Temperature at kickoff: 64 degrees / Winds: W 5-10 mph

OS_8-30Forecast: After the passage of the cold front last night, humid air is sticking around in the region. Enough moisture in the atmosphere will allow for late morning/early afternoon shower activity. Expect a round of light and isolated showers on and off in the area through these hours. Shower activity should diminish towards the end of the game. Temperatures will remain mild for the entire game.