Looking at Affordable Housing Projects


Opportunity Village in Eugene

ASHLAND, Ore. — A local organization is following the lead of other cities to help low-income families.

The Ashland Community Resource Center is watching so-called “tiny home” communities, such as Dignity Village in Portland and Opportunity Village in Eugene, to see how to best plan for Ashland.

The homes are easily affordable and movable and building costs are estimated at around 5-thousand dollars to $20,000. The goal would be to buy a property that will accompany twenty small 200-square foot homes.

The Resource Center said many low-income families are unable to afford even the lowest priced housing they’ve seen in Ashland.

“Right now the cheapest place you can rent in Ashland is $550 a month. Our minimum income for a family of three with Tanish is $550 a month. If you are disabled it’s $700 a month,” explains Director Leigh Madsen.

It could be a multi-year process before tiny houses become a reality in Ashland.