Long Fire Season Prompts New Hires

graybackWHITE CITY, Ore. — Dry conditions across Oregon could mean that the severe fire season sticks around through September, and private firefighting companies may need to bring on more crews to stay out on the lines.

Grayback Forestry is hiring more employees to replace college students who will soon be leaving for school. Grayback says about 20 percent of its workforce is college students.

This summer, the company has sent crews out to work on the Oregon Gulch Fire, other fires in eastern Oregon, and large wildfires in Washington.

“It’s not uncommon to have to fill in some gaps later in the year,” said Bryan Wheelock, Grayback Forestry Vice President. “If it’s going to be a longer year, you’ve got to fill that in somehow.”

Grayback is conducting interviews and will likely hold classes for new recruits later this month. Those new crews will likely be available in early September.