Logging Accident Near Applegate

NEAR APPLEGATE, Ore. – A helicopter responds to an extremely rural accident as fire crews worked on the ground to save the life of a man after a log rolled over him. The incident happened around 10 a.m. on Thursday off a logging road near Thompson Creek Road in the Applegate Valley.

The man was airlifted and is recovering at a local hospital, but the extent of his injuries are still unknown. Officials said the complete rescue effort extended almost two hours. Crews had to work quickly and safely in very steep and dangerous terrain.

Officials said the man was a 50-year-old logger who was working about 450 feet down an embankment. Somehow, a log slipped down the hill and ran the man over, affecting his lower back and hips the most. Applegate Fire, Jackson County Fire District 5 and other loggers worked together in the rescue effort. Officials say, because of the remote location, it took crews about 30 minutes to get on scene and another hour to set up a rope rescue system.

Mercy Flights helicopter circled the area about five times to ensure a safe landing. The man was placed in a stokes basket while crews pulled him up to the street and onto the helicopter. Officials explained the man was given pain treatment for his back and hips on scene, his vitals were low when assessed and said it is likely he could be suffering of internal injuries.