Lofstedt’s Historic Career Revisited

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ASHLAND, Ore. – Mitch Lofstedt holds nearly every important wrestling record at Southern Oregon University: most career wins, highest winning percentage, most wins in one season and two national championships at the 125 pound weight class. However, it’s not the individual accolades that will stick with Lofstedt after his Raider wrestling career.

“I like the team that won Nationals,” the Roseburg native said. “That’s a great memory, and the picture’s on the wall. It’s just a great memory to cherish, and you always have that forever.”

For those who know the senior, that answer is no surprise.

“We want to win as a team,” Raiders head coach Mike Ritchey said, “and it’s a team concept here. He’s part of that team and I’m pretty sure he wants to lead.”

“It’s just better to share it and you have that with everybody,” Lofstedt said. “Even the people who didn’t get to go to Nationals get to share in on that, and we all worked for it. It’s individual, but it feels better when everybody wins.”

Still what he’s done as an indivudal is impressive. Lofstedt has only lost one match all year, and the majority of his opponents have a hard time even hanging with him.

“Tenacity,” Ritchey said. “He’s the most tenacious wrestler I’ve ever coached, constantly on attack almost to a fault sometimes.”

With all these records and accolades, there’s still one more piece of the puzzle before Lofstedt can call himself the greatest to ever wrestle for the Raiders.

“Right now you can’t give that to him because there are guys that have done what he’s done, but if he gets a third title, it’s going to be hard to argue.”