Locals React To Supreme Court’s Ruling On Arizona Immigration Law

By Bryan Navarro

MEDFORD, Ore. — The Supreme Court strikes down key provisions of Arizona’s crackdown on illegal immigrants. The most controversial part of Arizona’s immigration law can stand, for now, but the Supreme Court has ruled out the bulk of the law.

Advocates in the Rogue Valley say Latinos they’ve talked to after Monday’s news, quite frankly, are scared. They say they’re afraid that other states could follow suit and roll out their own illegal alien law. When the Supreme Court ruled, 3 of the 4 provisions were struck down, which activists here say is a good step. But it’s just a silver lining; the most ominous cloud still hangs.

Critics call it the “show me your papers” provision. Locally, advocates ask, “how safe can you really be?” They call it mass racial profiling, leaving some feeling like there’s a target on their back. Local advocates were on a national conference call this afternoon, sorting through the legal jargon. They say the law will not go into effect in Arizona for a few weeks.

Once it is enforced, there can still be challenges to the law’s constitutionality. The Supreme Court has also been in the spotlight for its decision on the Affordable Care Act; that ruling is expected on Thursday.