Locals React to Samsung vs Apple Outcome

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MEDFORD, Ore. – Apple announced on Monday they want 8 types of Samsung phones pulled from store shelves after winning a lawsuit against Samsung. Both phones offer a variety of features and it’s some of those very features that caused the show down between the two technology phone giants.

Local resident Paula Reynolds says she was excited when she got her new phone. “I got my phone 3 months ago,” Reynolds says, but after a California jury ruled that Samsung owes Apple more than a billion dollars for patent infringements, her Samsung Galaxy could be one of the last ever sold if Apple gets its way and has them taken off shelves.

“I like my Samsung,” says Reynolds. “I’ve heard different things about the apple and the Samsung and I think that they’re totally different.”

Chat Cat Wireless consultant Edgar Velazco says there are 2 clear favorites among smart phone users: the Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 4. A recent report from Forbes claims sales of the Samsung Galaxy rose this past weekend after the jury’s ruling Friday. Velazco says he didn’t see a shift at Chat Cat – the iPhone and Galaxy remain neck and neck.

“I would say it would be 50-50 usually. It would just all depend of the person,” Velazco says.

In last week’s ruling, Apple won claims on patent infringements on 6 out of 7 disputed features including scrolling and enlarging text. Apple is set to release their latest phone model this fall.


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  1. Guy Romano says:

    if I do not have a choice of a samsung and can only use apple I do away with my smart phone. It is like everything with apple too controlling. i will not have a smart phone. They sell products they do not have a right to limit my choices boycott apple.

  2. Guy Romano says:

    apple is anti competition they are protectionist. Apple is anti business. I will not be forced to use their product. if we do not have choices then we end up with an monopoly that can charge what ever they want. Boycott apple

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