Locals React To Pope Benedict’s Last Day

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Local members of the Catholic Church commend the Pope’s decision to step down.

At Sacred Heart Catholic Church many of the members and the priest have been praying for the Pope and for the future of the church.

The priest says no one has experienced an event like this in recent years and probably won’t experience it again in a lifetime.

The local catholic community is commending him for recognizing his health issues and doing what right by the church. They say it was a humble, selfless choice. While they respect his decision, they’re now looking forward to the future.

“In our next pope I think that something that could be incredibly powerful in our world is to be able to connect with us in a very human way,” said Father Kelly Vandehey at Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

Both priests say the next Pope should be ready for a changing world. They’d like for the Pope to reach out to people in a new way, whether that’s through travels or through social media.