Locals React To Obama Immigration Announcement

By Yessenia Anderson

ASHLAND, Ore. — The change on immigration relaxes the rules for illegal youth looking for employment, but the president’s announcement has received mixed reaction across the country. The initial announcement has some claiming this a small victory while others say it’s a step backwards. But in order to qualify for a permit, first key criteria must be met.

Members of the Oregon DREAMers Advocates group were out fundraising for a DREAM Act support event – legislation that mirrors the recent immigration change. The president’s announcement would mean people who arrived in the United States before turning sixteen and are currently younger than 30 would be eligible.

Amongst the requirements are living in the U.S. for 5 consecutive years and having never been convicted for a crime. The DREAM Act supporters say they were overall happy to hear the news but some say these words will have to be backed up with action.

The change will mean young illegal immigrants will no longer be deported and will have the opportunity to apply for work permits. A string of comments posted on our Facebook reflect support, some saying, “the country was founded on immigration, why stop it now?”

Others expressed their fear of losing jobs to these foreign residents. Under the change, immigrants will be able to apply for work permits issued for two years and those permits can be renewed unlimited times.