Locals React To iPhone 5 Release

MEDFORD, Ore. — The iPhone 5 is on store shelves and in big cities across the country it was more party then product release. In New York, Apple employees cheered and iPhone 5 owners smiled as they received the new version of the iPhone. The iPhone 4s is still for sale, but customers now want what could be called the Fab Five.

There was not quite as much celebration on the streets of Southern Oregon, but the new iPhones are selling fast. Some local retailers say they are always busy whenever apple launches a new product. They say today’s release of the i-phone five is no exception, as they geared up for a stream of customers the minute the new phone was officially on the market.

Some stores, including the Verizon and At&T stores on Delta Waters Road, said customers were camping out and forming lines early Friday morning in order to be among the first people in the Rogue Valley to get the smart phone – just one example of the buzz across the country.

Some analysts say the iPhone sales could increase the nation’s gross domestic product by nearly half a percent. Local stores say the excitement over the phone helped them stay busy throughout the day, but they saw a flurry of customers when they first opened their doors.

Other stores like Best Buy and Costco allowed customers to pre-order the phone. When the new phone was first announced, two million orders were placed in the first 24 hours, twice the number for the iPhone4s. The iPhone 5 is supposed to be a thinner, lighter version of the iPhone, with a larger screen than previous models.