Locals Raise Helmet Safety Awareness

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MEDFORD, Ore. — More people are using their bikes this week for “Go by Bike Week”, but doctors want to remind us to make sure you’re also bringing your helmet.

Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center says head trauma caused by bike and skating accidents increases during the summer.

During nice weather, it says the emergency room can see a few cases a week. Doctors say, even though you may never be in a serious accident, it’s an important precaution to take.

“Most of the time people land on their hands, and maybe they’ll have a break, but if you land on your head – your head doesn’t really heal very well,” said Dr. Joshua Cott, Director of MD Emergency Services at Rogue Regional.

To get a helmet, you can take advantage of low-cost programs. Ashland Parks and Recreation sponsors a program selling helmets for $8.00. Contact the office for more information.