Locals Petition to Save Shop Smart

11-29 jbo shop smartYREKA, Ore. — One signature at a time, demonstrators in Yreka are raising awareness for their local Shop Smart. The downtown store is set to close December 30th after its parent company, C&K Market, declared chapter 11 bankruptcy.

If that happens, it will leave about 35 employees out work.

“That’s going to cut our income in half, almost,” said Jack Larcade, whose girlfriend works at the store. “And we’re already struggling.”

Larcade’s and his girlfriend have two children. The closing of the store will have both of them looking for work, along with all of the other employees leaving the store.

“You’re going to have all these people competing for jobs… there’s not enough jobs here to cover everyone that works here,” said Larcade.

This isn’t the first time a store shut its doors in Yreka. A Ray’s market closed over the summer, leaving many looking for work and crippling nearby businesses.

Demonstrators trying to collect signatures say the odds are stacked against them, but they’ll take them anyway.

“I just thought if nobody’s doing anything, why shouldn’t I?” said petition organizer Carol Mattos.

The 376 signatures that have been collected so far will be brought to C&K corporate in an attempt to change management’s mind.

Whether it’s C&K someone else running the show, shoppers and employees just want a store to stick around.

“That would be great to keep the employees with a job and to keep this community with a place in the center of town to stay open,” said Mattos.

While Larcade and his girlfriend say they aren’t relying on this petition, they also don’t see why it can’t work.

“I don’t think there’s a reason it can’t be saved,” said Larcade. “This is the middle of town, everybody comes here… We can’t lose these kind of things.”