Locals Participate in Wild Rogue Relay

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Dozens of runners have been hitting the pavement for hours now and they still have hours to go. It’s part of the first “Wild Rogue Relay” taking runners from Applegate to Gold Beach.

If home’s where the heart is, the heart is going on the road for this team of long distance relay runners. The Wild Rogue Relay takes dozens of relay teams from Applegate Lake to gold beach. A more than 200 mile relay, meaning runners are hitting the pavement overnight.

“Team camaraderie, a little bit of caffeine, with the adrenaline of running in the middle of the night with a head lamp, it’s great,” remarked Tom Hammond, the owner Southern Oregon Brewing Co.

With teammates, caffeine, pillows and shoes, Southern Oregon Brewery’s “Run for Your Life” team is ready to go.

“It’s kind of comical, run for your life because of the wildlife, but also run FOR your life. You have to run for your life, you have to be responsible for your own well-being,” said David Engstrom, a team member.

The Team of 12 isn’t only running for their own lives, but for the lives of local kids, benefiting community health center’s school-based health centers.

“It’s a great opportunity for kids, they’re in school and they know someone is out there running for them. Running for their health, running for their learning opportunities,” said Karen Eillott, with the Community Health Center.

It’s support to get younger generations on the road to health. The Jackson County Special Olympics is also benefiting from the Wild Rogue Relay.