Locals Gather to Celebrate Teen’s Life

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MEDFORD, Ore. — “There’s so many aspects to golf, it’s kind of like life,” Michael Bruhn said as he explains a philosophy comparing life and golf.

“You’re not always going to be hitting straight drives and you still gotta finish your day and your round,” 17-year old Michael Bruhn explained.

Wise beyond his years, the 17-year-old says in the game of golf there are good days and bad days, and the same goes in the ‘game’ of life.

“Somedays you’re going to be putting out of your mind, and that’s gonna be the day you’re going on a roller coaster,” Michael said. “And other days you’re not going to be sinking anything and you’re going to think what the heck is wrong with me? Those are the days in life you have the flu.”

Michael understands the bad days well.  At 11-years-old he began his battle against Leukemia with a 95% chance of beating it. But several relapses later, his parents say Michael has outlived the research, meaning there are few options left.

“I don’t have a chance of cure basically, and they’re just telling me I should be ready to die.”

Kimberly, Michael’s mom, said he hasn’t been in remission at all this year, “He’s pretty much living on transfusions, borrowed time and prayer.”

But Michael says he’s not giving up, “You have to keep on living, no matter what.  I’m sure that one thing that’s been most impacted by the cancer is that I live life to the fullest, live life to the best I can.”

To help him do that, his friends, family and local organizations came together at Centennial Golf Club celebrating Michael.  The party was complete with everything from a surprise visit from his favorite animal, to a picture booth.

That support is also part of what Michael says he’s learned through this battle, to not only support childhood cancer research, but to help in any way you can.

“Find someone that’s dealing with it in your community and try to lift them up.”

It’s that, which is helping Michael continue his fight to keep living.

“So many people care about me and that in itself, is a reason to keep living,” Michael said. “You gotta play with what you got.”

The ‘Celebrate Michael’ event was put together with the help of the ‘Ethan Jostad Foundation’ and ‘Gamerosity.’


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  1. Manny Munoz says:

    Michael is one of the strongest dudes we’ve ever met. You’ve changed my life my brother! The Munoz family loves you to pieces! ROARface!

  2. karen says:

    Not sure who we love the most…Michael or that cute little cub!
    Micheal…you surely have the heart of a lion and such a strong will. You are an inspiration!
    Keep on keeping on! The Hobbs

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