Locals Buying Tickets for Powerball

JACKSONVILLE, Ore. — There was no winner of the Powerball jackpot drawing Wednesday evening, and now the prize for matching all of the winning numbers is projected to top $600 million.

Rogue Valley residents were already buying tickets for Saturday’s drawing. Store officials at Ray’s Food Place in Jacksonville say their store in particular sees more traffic when the jackpot reach hundreds of millions of dollars.

Many customers consider the store lucky after a winning Powerball ticket was sold there in 2006. Some players are hoping lightning will strike twice and already are dreaming of the possibilities.

“First thing I’m buying, investments for later on, but the Nunan House sounds really good right now,” Powerball player Greg Winterfeld.

If no ticket matches all of the numbers in Saturday drawing some estimates have the jackpot growing to more than $900 million.