Local Wrestler Returns to Semis

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MEDFORD, Ore. – Last year North Medford’s Trent Wilson was unranked heading into the state wrestling tournament. He upset the 4th ranked wrestler in his weight class before losing to the eventual state champion. He finished 4th overall. That 4th place finish left Wilson wanting more. So he pushed himself, and now he’s back despite a few breaks along the way. Wilson knew, in order to finish better than last year at the state tournament, he needed to push himself beyond just the wrestling season. So he took the summer, traveled around the country and competed at some of the top national meets.

“Basically I was just mentally destroyed from last year,” Wilson said. “I could have done better, but this year I’m feeling mentally strong. I’m physically where I need to be.”

Those national competitions prepared Trent for this year’s run, but it also set him backk. While at a tournament in Arizona, Trent was wrestling for three titles in three different weight classes. Two matches in at the 195 level, Trent’s opponent went for an arm throw.

“He just went for something and I countered it how I’m supposed to counter it,” Wilson said. “My arm just got stuck wrong and I just broke it right at the wrist.”

He fractured it in three places, but he still brought home three trophies. Trent didn’t need surgery, and it didn’t deter him from his ultimate goal.

“I knew I was going to be fine,” he said. “I knew the recovery was going to be fine because I knew I had that whole time during football season for it to heal up. It healed up just how we wanted it to, and so I was ready for season.”

Trent normally plays football. He did not this year because of the injury, but he was ready to go by the time wrestling season began.

“He’s back where he needs to be,” North Medford head wrestling coach Phillip Lopez said. “He’s been wrestling really well right now, and he should definitely have a good shot at winning it.”

It is the state title. Wilson is ranked 2nd in the 195 pound weight class, and all that’s left of the fractures from Arizona are a few scars.

“It hasn’t bothered me at all,” Wilson said. “I’ve been through a couple of real tough matches, wins and losses, and it’s never bothered me a single time this whole wrestling season.”

And with only one day remaining in the season, a broken wrist isn’t going to hold Trent back.

“If anything hurts, I just have to push through it because I know it’s going to be worth it in the end especially if I win,” he said. “Even if I lose, I know that I put my 100% best out there, and if I lose when I put my 100% best out there, then that’s fine.”

UPDATE: Wilson won his first two bouts and is moving on to the semifinals on Saturday.