Local Woman Sells Trades of Hope

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — Jewelry, home decor and bags are changing the lives of people struggling throughout the world.

The company, called “Trades of Hope”, takes fair trade products made by women and men from countries throughout the world and sells them in the U.S. through the “home party” system.

The company benefits women throughout the world differently. Bracelets help AIDS patients in Uganda pay for their medical care; necklaces, bags and journals keeping women in India out of the sex trade and sweatshops; and lip balm helps Americans recovering from drug addiction.

Krystle Bowen is a local woman who sells the products. Recently, she went to Haiti to personally meet some of the artisans behind the products.

“These people, just really want an opportunity; they want a chance to build for themselves a sustainable income and they don’t really want handouts, they want an opportunity,” Bowen said.

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  1. brenda bradd says:


    1. Krystle says:

      Hi Brenda!
      You can email me at krystle.bowen@gmail.com to set one up!

  2. Jackie Morgan says:

    Hi, I’m wondering if 100% of the money goes to the people that it is for

    1. Krystle says:

      Yes! We pay our artisans full price up front in their country which is 3-7times more than they would get selling it off the street.
      Only when it’s back in the states do we add business expense. And even at that nothing is over $50!
      I was able to personally see how funds are handled in Haiti and we only work with reputable established groups who are fair trade certified :)

  3. Linda Welsh says:

    I just purchased a couple items from Trades of Hope! It is all great items & I want more…It is quality merchandise plus u feel good helping …thanks !!: )

  4. Diane Robinson says:

    My daughter, Christine, is a Compassionate Entrepreneur with Trades of Hope and she loves what she is doing! This is right up her alley helping women throughout the world have a better future. The jewelry is both beautiful and inexpensive along with their many other items they offer. I have purchased several pieces of jewelry and definitely plan on purchasing more! It makes me feel good inside knowing that my purchases help these women (and men) obtain a little bit brighter future!

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