Local Woman on Jeopardy Game Show

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ROGUE RIVER, Ore. — A Rogue River woman is trying her hand on the ultimate quiz show.

Deborah Ellis got the chance to be on jeopardy in December, but the episode is airing Wednesday night on ABC.  Ellis said it was a dream come true when she got the call-back after applying to be on the show online.  She’d been applying since 2007, and finally this was her lucky year.

“It was so exciting,” said local Jeopardy contestant, Deborah Ellis. “I can’t tell you how exciting I was… for me I remember watching Jeopardy as a kid… the daytime show with Art Fleming, and then I was so excited when it came back on at nighttime, and I’ve been a loyal viewer for 30 years.”

Deborah and her son were also on Wheel of Fortune back in 2005.  She said the trick to getting picked for game shows is to be flamboyant and stand out in a crowd.