Local Woman Helps Hard-to-Adopt Animals

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Jennifer Bynum is a local woman with a passion for animals and decided to be pro-active in helping two local animal shelter get “hard to place” dogs and cats adopted. These types of dogs include certain breeds like Pitbulls and Chihuahuas, elder animals that may require more and unforseen medical costs compared to younger ones, and animals with minor social or behavioral issues that are unappealing and may require specialized attention, rehabilitation, or training. Some animals develop behavioral issues while in the high-stress environment of a shelter.

Jenifer plans to raise enough money for two local shelters, the Jackson County Animal Shelter and the Southern Oregon Humane Society to offset the upfront fees of adopting their “hard to place” animals, to make it easier for potential guardians who would have the patience or the time, and love to dedicate to an animal with special needs, or plain bad luck. Jennifer hopes to raise $4,000 and plans to have an open-house at the two shelters as well as write two pamphlets to be available at the shelters titled “The Truth about Pitbulls” and “Advantages of Adopting an Older Animal.”

Due to donations like this the Jackson County Animal Shelter was able to start two new programs this year to get “hard to place” dogs and cats adopted at a reduce fee. The “Catch a Rising Star” program reduces the cost of three dogs a month to $50 and the “Tale of 3 Kitties” reduces the adoption fee for three cats a month to only $10. The dogs and cats chosen for this program are chosen based on several factors but is an effort to get those “hard to place” animals adopted. The Shelter is also now offering an hour of free in-home training for all dogs adopted!

To learn more about Jennifer’s fundraiser or to make a donation click HERE