Local Woman Gets Called By Scammers

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A Medford woman was confused after she received a call from someone claiming to be from the tax audit department with the IRS. The caller said that a red flag notice has been issued for her name.

When Nicole Dahl got that call, she felt that something was off. She took the phone number that was left on the machine and entered it into internet search engines. She quickly found out that many other people had gotten similar calls, and that it was a scam. Dahl quickly notified law enforcement and the IRS, but wants to make sure others do not fall for the phone call.

“Oh it’s maddening, i can’t stand it, because all of us are working hard for their money, and there are peple sitting back just trying to swindle people out of their hard earned money and it’s just wrong.,” said Dahl.

If you have received similar or suspicious phone calls, you are encouraged to contact law enforcement immediately.

Below is a fully transcribed version of the phone call:

“”Hi this is Mel Wayne Patrick calling you from tax audit department at the

Internal Revenue Service.  The nature behind this voicemail is to make you

aware that we have received a petition complaint against your name. A red

flag notice.  So we are about to take this matter to the Federal claims

court house and they’re about to issue a warrant for your arrest. It’s

concerning an illegal tax evasion, a tax fraud. So before we go ahead with

such things or if you need any further details concerning this claim, you

can call us back on our call back number which is 202-864-1319. Again this

is Mel Wayne. You have a great day and thank you very much.”


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  1. rica says:

    202-506-1967 is also a scam number claiming to be IRS or the Justice Dept or FBI (depending on the weather I guess). And they don’t give up. Persistent idiots with bad English and Anglo names. Finally answered with “Jefferson State Police…fraud unit…your call is being recorded for quality purposes”. That was two months ago. Not a peep since.

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