Local Woman Describes “Shelter in Place”

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BOSTON, Mass. — Before the suspect was taken into custody, the governor of Massachusetts ordered a city-wide “shelter-in-place” this morning due to the manhunt. One Southern Oregon woman had a first-hand experience of the lockdown.

NewsWatch12 spoke with Grants Pass resident Deanne Sharp who went to the Boston Marathon to support a friend. This morning, she described the city of Boston as a ghost-town. Nobody was allowed to get on the subway. She says homeowners were also told to stay inside.

“Total lockdown, you know? Even lock your doors and do not open it to anybody unless it was police officials,” Sharp said.

Sharp walked through what the city was like since Monday. After the explosion, she says Tuesday was very somber. Businesses were shut down and hardly anyone was out on the streets except for law enforcement officers. Yesterday, she says the city seemed to come back around until today.

Now, Sharp was about to sit up at the bleachers on the finish line, but decided against it last minute. A friend running in the marathon finished early and so she missed the explosion by about 10 minutes.

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  1. Mark W. Scharff says:

    I can understand the need to find this guy, but this is too much control by law enforcement and sounds like a police state to me. How can Americans protect thier homes if they are basically under house arrest? Why should we be asked to curtail our freedoms? Why do we pump so much money into law enforcement and the military if we have to resort to this type of action? Lest you think I am a right winger, I am not. I do not own a gun, and I am a lifelong liberal, but I do believe in our rights to a “well regulated militia” which can not organize if we are all locked down. I also believe that this action would infringe on freedom of speech, freedom to organize, right to assemble, and many other basic human rights.

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