Local Winemakers React to Napa Quake

8-9 wineTALENT, Ore. – The Sunday morning earthquake was centered near the wine epicenter of the United States. Multiple wineries have reported damaged property, including oak barrels full of aged wine falling to the ground.

Local vintners say natural disasters are something most winemakers prepare for. Typically catastrophic insurance covers the wine, equipment, and even the grapes from earthquakes, not mention weather, and other “acts of God”.

However, vintners say a check from an insurance company does little to make up for the work and care that goes into each wine.

“I mean you can’t replace the artwork that’s behind it and the craftsmanship. That’s not going to happen and the loss of business of course and the aesthetic and getting back to that,” said Summer Swan, with Paschal Winery.

Winemakers say there are different types of insurance for different parts of the vineyards, but, from the buildings to the vines, it can all be covered.