Local Vineyards Enjoy Early Harvest

9-22 JBO WINEMEDFORD, Ore. – Southern Oregon wineries are enjoying an unusually early harvest, capping off what they’re calling one of the best growing seasons in years.

Grapes are being picked about two to three weeks early this season. Local winemakers say that’s because of the long, warm summer.

Because of that, they predict excellent wines to come out of this harvest, as well as healthier vines going into next year.

“The vines are really stressed and burned out when they’re still trying to ripen the fruit at the end of a long season,” said Roxy Ann Winemaker John Quinones. “So with an early season our vines are still green and they’re still growing.”

Most grapes types should be completely picked by the first week of October.

White wines from this year could be released as early as next summer, while red wines should take at least two to three years to hit the shelves.