Local Veterans Sue Over Bag Rule

cle hot note fridayWHITE CITY, Ore. — A local veteran is filing a lawsuit against the Secretary of Veterans Affairs for a new bag rule that only allows residents to have two bags worth of personal belongings.

The document Nesbitt says he was given shows anyone not willing to comply with the rule is subject to discharge.

Nesbitt’s suit with the US District Court is against Western District Veterans Affair’s Secretary Tim Carroll and Southern Oregon Rehabilitation Center and Clinics (SORCC) Director Don Burman.

Court documents show Nesbitt and his co-plaintiff want $5,000,000 in punitive damages and another $5,000,000 in compensatory relief.

“My friend Andy, who’s a vet out here, I want him to be able to have more than two little boxes worth of his personal belongings from his deceased relatives and his kids,” said Nesbitt.

A supporter of this lawsuit, Jeffrey Price, says it’s tough to comply if you are trying to re-integrate back into society. “Once you start collecting things, getting ready to get back into the community, then they institute this two bag rule and if you can’t fit it into two little bags … then you’re out of here,” he said.

SORCC did confirm the rule is in place but would not comment on any pending litigation. SORCC also refused to comment on the purpose of the rule. Nesbitt believed the reason for the rule was because of a recent bed bug outbreak.


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  1. Beth says:

    What size bags?

  2. Connie says:

    The bottom of the flyer is cut off, it says 30L x 24w x (can’t read it.). When a veteran has come there for extended stay, they should be allowed more than that. They have wall lockers! They will be thrown out if they don’t comply! WTG in treating our veterans with dignity. Funny that I haven’t seen this sign posted at other VA facilities!

  3. LtDan says:

    I have noticed a tendency among some, emphasize some, professionals at the SORCC having a negative attitude about veterans and their rights and value, because they need help. Most VA personnel are professionals, but stupid rules like this undercut common sense and their mission to help veterans.

  4. J taylor says:

    I am a vet too. I am all about the veterans getting the care they need but $10,000,000? Seriously? You guys stay out there because of substance abuse problems? And how is that money supposed to help your friend?

  5. J taylor says:

    I am not arguing that the two bag thing is lame. But $10,000,000?

  6. don says:

    that amount was set to get there attention its not about the noney and if you read the law suit it’s every vet will a part of the it if you have a question pls see me for more info

  7. J taylor says:

    I would be glad to discuss with you why taxpayers shouldn’t foot the bill on this don. Stupid things like this are going to make it so people stop caring about veteran causes. They limit the stuff out there because they are not supposed to move out there permanently. Its rehab! And you had a few typo’s in there too.

  8. LeDerrick Nesbitt says:

    J.taylor…..Your comments are appreciated, but like the VA’s new 2-bag policy, unnecessary..How many bags have been used over the past 50 years? And at which nationwide facility? The rule the SORCC is now enforcing, is contrary to their own PARTNERSHIP goal, instituted to aid the vets in reestablishing themselves into the local community..In fact, every other month, and especially during holidays, the local charitable organizations, such as the DAV, VFW, Golden Girls, Access and others, routinely donate to the inpatients at the SORCC clothing, shoes, room d├ęcor, electronic devices such as DVD players, TV’s etc.. Then there are the in-house bingo, held everyday to therapeutically aid these women and men. If I gave back everything these organizations, and the VA itself gave me, I would have under the two bag rule..If I add what they tell us to get for ourselves, such as Gold clubs for the VA maintained golf course; bowling ball for the VA supported Bowling alley on site; pots and pans for the encouraged cookouts at the picnic areas, well…If I added these PERKS if you will, then normal things like toiletries, job search clothing and shoes, dresses and suits and ties for church, women specific personal hygiene needs…well Mr. Taylor…Come visit the SORCC and have staff show you the rooms, the ask them why the 45 cubic feet of space already in the rooms, is being cut down to 20 cubic feet…Empty closet and drawer space…Your argument may sound conservative, and maybe even rational..to Tea Party member, A-listed Rightwingers, hopeless non-veterans, or those of you who hasn’t a damn clue about what real saviors get for their service to this great country..Personally, and I have stated this…I believe the rule is sound, if implemented under a grandfather clause..But to insist that veterans, some non-ambulatory pare down their rooms with no recourse or proper amount of time or due process..Thats un-American DUDE! Semper Fi!!

    1. LeDerrick Nesbitt says:

      Further…10,000,000 dollars goes to build storage spaces if its such a big problem, and to fund veterans support groups like the DAV and Access..Any further objections….? Show up in federal court this Thursday the 21st, and voice them to the news crews and the public…

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