Local Troops Awaiting Orders

MERLIN, Ore. – They have their initial orders. Now for Oregon National Guard troops, all they can do is train and wait.

Since receiving word that they need to train for a possible mission to Afghanistan in 2014, local troops said the only thing that will change is an increased amount of training. They said they have not heard any details of what the possible mission would be, but said they will be ready for anything, if called.

The Oregon National Guard’s 41st Infantry Brigade Combat Team, which has battalions in Southern Oregon, received a “Notification of Sourcing,” which means funding has begun for a possible mission in Afghanistan in 2014. A National Guard spokesman said troops still need to receive two more notifications, including a mobilization order, before the mission becomes official. There is no word on how many troops would be sent, or which battalions those troops would come from.

Local troops said they will soon begin training for a variety of missions, but said these types of notifications generally tend to not have major impacts on soldiers’ day-to-day lives.