Local Thief Arrested in Washington

Sargent, Michael

MEDFORD, Ore. – Medford police have learned that a man involved in multiple local burglaries was arrested last month in Washington for trafficking stolen property, some of which was from Jackson County robberies.

In May, police detectives investigated break-in’s which occurred near Marissa Circle and Eucalyptus Drive. In the first case, the unknown suspect forced entry into the home while the residents were at work, stealing approximately $18,000 in jewelry, electronics and sports equipment.

In the second incident, the suspect took off with an estimated $30,000 in cash as well as $30,000 in jewelry. This time, the suspect entered the home through an unsecured rear window while the residents were out of town for the weekend.

Following the above cases, detectives identified a burglar, 31-year old Michael Sargent, after he had pawned a considerable amount of stolen jewelry at a shop in Grants Pass. This stolen jewelry, however, had been from an additional robberies in Jacksonville. This led officials to believe Sargent had been involved in the aforementioned Medford break-ins.

By June, Medford detectives learned Sargent had been arrested and lodged in the Pierce County Jail in Washington State. They traveled north and interviewed the suspect, in which Sargent admitted to his involvement in the above thefts, as well as an additional robbery in Ashland.  Officials were able to recover a small portion of the property stolen, but most of the jewelry had already been pawned or melted down.

Tuesday, Sargent was extradited from Washington to the Jackson County Jail.