Local Supreme Court Reaction

ASHLAND, Ore. — The Supreme Court continues to tackle the issue of same-sex marriage, advocates on both sides are watching closely. Here in Southern Oregon, some are celebrating the discussion being held at our nation’s capitol.

Some Rogue Valley residents in support of gay marriage say they think it is an issue of fairness. While the Supreme Court entered it’s second day of discussing the issue of gay marriage, supporters in Ashland are excited about what they say are advances in equality in the country.

Reverend Pamela Shepherd of the Ashland First Congregational United Church of Christ says when she came out in the 1970’s she could not have imagined the issue being discussed at the nation’s highest court. She says the community has shown tremendous excitement of the past few days and is eager to hear what will develop. Reverend Shepherd believes strengthening loving relationships for all people will strengthen both local communities and the country.

“This congregation, for a long time, has supported the right of gay and lesbian people to love who we love, to marry those who we love and to have the many, many rights that come with the marriage and have the community support that comes with the commitment,” said Reverend Shepherd.

About 4 years ago, the clergy decided not to sign marriage licenses for anyone until they could be signed for everyone. The Supreme Court is listening to two cases, and if pursued further could result in a landmark ruling this summer.