Local Stores Prepare for Black Friday

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MEDFORD, Ore. — With just a day to get their bottom lines in the black, local companies are already preparing for Black Friday.

This year, Black Friday has moved more and more into Thanksgiving Day with companies breaking decades-old traditions just to open early and earn your dollars.

Best Buy in Medford hasn’t said how early it’s going to open this Black Friday, but it’s already expecting long lines. The store expects the line to be wrapped around the building.

Last year it says more than 2,000 people waited in line. Some of those people waiting more than two days. If you do the math, that means the line was probably over a half mile long if each person took up a foot of space.

Best Buy employees say even though Black Friday is still weeks away, they are already preparing. The store is stocking up on inventory and staff. It has also hired 20 new employees so far for the holiday season, and hiring is still taking place.

The seasonal employees not only undergo the store’s regular associate training, but also Black Friday training.

“We will have meetings going up just prior to the holiday. We’ll have meetings going through what their role is going to be, where they are going to be zoned, what their schedule is going to be, everything. So as an associate, you come in and you are going to be comfortable because you are going to know exactly where you are going to work in the store that day and what your job is,” said Chris Folgate, Best Buy Manager.

Best Buy also plans where checkout lines are going to weave around the store and where associates are going to be stationed throughout the day.

There are also going to be employees standing at the door monitoring how many people come in and out to make sure there are only a certain amount of people coming in at a time.

If you are not one of those shoppers who wants to stand in line, but you still want to bag a bargain, businesses say they will offer several online deals during Black Friday as well.