Local Store Broken Into

store broken intoMEDFORD, Ore. — Investigators are trying to figure out who broke into Joseph’s Storehouse in Medford.

A register, computers, and various tools from the office were stolen from the building. They’re still unsure if more was stolen.

The burglars bent the frame of the front door Tuesday night and rammed the door with outside furniture. They also damaged the inside of the back door and the office with a sledgehammer.

The break in happened after hours. This was the third break at Joseph’s Storehouse in 6 months.

“The best thing they can do is not to forget us through December because that’s a tough month for us and we really need the sales at this point,” said Jack Boje, of Joseph’s Storehouse.

Managers say the store isn’t sure how they will pay to repair the damage. In other burglaries, money was taken. The store is currently in a remodeling process. They hope to have it open by Friday.