Local Schools Saddened Over Sandy Hook

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MEDFORD, Ore. – Local teachers and administrators are heartbroken over the Connecticut school shooting. The Washington Elementary School staff are pretty shaken by the Connecticut school shooting. In their line of work, when it involves children or school administrators, it hits close to home.

It’s a sober day at school with the sadness spreading to all staff members. Principal Frasier found out about the Connecticut school shooting Friday morning and immediately called his wife, who is also a principal at another local school.

“You cant help but think that could happen to me; that’s the personal part of it,” Principal Frasier said.

If it happened here, the principal says parents will be in the loop. At Washington Elementary, they do a fire drill evacuation once a month, two earthquake drills a year and two lock down drills per year. The principal says they’ll likely add another lock down drill after the Connecticut school shooting. Then, the principal would train teachers to talk with students about the tragedy.

Some teachers spent the afternoon doing holiday feel-good work, but had a hard time staying in the holiday spirit. It’s heartbreaking and somewhat scary. Especially for parents who have children in school across the country.

“Just because its across the country doesn’t mean it can’t happen here,” said parent Monique Filippi, “and it’s frightening knowing that there’s people out there in the same situation and could do the same thing here. It’s scary because it could effect our town and our kids here just as much as it did there.”

Parents NewsWatch12 spoke with also say they’re frightened by the number of shooting incidents happening recently from the Colorado movie theatre shooting, the Sikh shooting, the Portland mall shooting. They say it’s not something anyone sees coming and that’s what makes it so scary.