Local Runners Reflect on Boston Tragedy

MEDFORD, Ore. — The president of a local running club says she thinks the tragedy in Boston will only strengthen friendships among runners. Southern Oregon had more than a dozen runners compete in Monday’s Boston Marathon.

The president of the Southern Oregon Runners says she knows several runners who competed in the Boston Marathon this year, and although they say they are forever changed after experiencing the chaos of the bombing, she says she expects the running community to become stronger than ever.

Southern Oregon Runners President Bonnie Havens says long distance runners carry a different mentality than most athletes because although they are competitive with each other, they share a tight bond. Mile after mile, long distance runners train with each other, compete with each other and get to know each other very closely.

Havens says she thinks next year the Boston Marathon will have a record number of applications from runners wanting to race to show their support and solidarity.

“I think people will run more and train more and try and get to Boston and Try and get to other Marathons to show that good is going to concur and that we are resilient and people are tough,” Havens said.

Havens says most runners view the Boston Marathon as the pinnacle of long distance running because of it’s prestige and because it’s one of few that requires a qualifying time with the application. Havens says she ran the Boston Marathon in the past and now hopes to get back to Boston one day and run the marathon along side her children.