Local Runners Rally for Bombing Victims

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LOST CREEK LAKE, Ore. – Runners from across Southern Oregon laced up today at Lost Creek Lake for a charity run and memorial to the Boston Marathon bombing.

Nearly 200 runners showed up to the event. Each wore a bib with a black ribbon and the name of one of the victims who died in the tragedy.

For Justin Rosas, the cause was especially personal. He was only fifty yards away when the second bomb went off.

“It was very hard for me to have a conversation, it was very hard for me not to just break down and cry for most of this week,” said Rosas.

Hundreds of runners came to donate. They watched and listened as organizers named those killed in Boston one-by-one, and released a balloon for each in their honor.

Then they lined up and did what they do best – run.

“It’s heartwarming. It makes you believe in love again,” said Rosas. “It makes you believe in the power of humanity coming together to forge something better than what we saw this week.”

Even those who couldn’t run came to do whatever they could. When an injury forced her to the sidelines, Laura Rosendaul handed out water instead.

“I just can’t imagine not being out here for such a good cause. It’s part of the running family, I just wouldn’t miss it,” said Rosendaul.

And runners say that family will only get stronger.

“The only positive effect will be the response to this tragedy,” said Rosas. “And one of those responses is that the Boston Marathon becomes an even greater event than it was.”