Local Red Cross Volunteer In Florida

Those currently at the Republican National Convention are dealing with the impact of the storm known as “Isaac”. Rain and high winds are already impacting the Gulf Coast ahead of tropical storm Isaac.

Forecasters say the storm, expected to strengthen to a Category One Hurricane, will bring 10 to 20 inches of rain and winds up to 90 mph, and will likely make landfall somewhere between Pensacola, Florida and New Orleans. It’s already prompting a state of emergency in states in that region.

Southern Oregon Red Cross volunteer Phil Gonzales is currently waiting for instruction in Tallahassee, Florida, after initially being stationed in Tampa. Last week we spoke with Gonzales before he left to help with the Hurricane Isaac relief effort.

Hurricane Isaac has since shifted west and so have red cross volunteers who are now stationed from the Florida pan handle to Louisiana. Gonzales and his group of volunteers drove from Tampa to Tallahassee on Sunday night and have had meetings discussing strategy for helping those evacuated from their homes.

Gonzales says he knows of 2 others from Southern Oregon who left Monday and are headed for Montgomery, Alabama. So far, the Red Cross has deployed more than 1,500 disaster workers across the Gulf Coast to help with Hurricane Isaac.