Local Police React To Missouri Riots

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MEDFORD, Ore. — With the recent riots in Missouri, local police are sharing their plans if a similar situation should happen in Southern Oregon.

Location and demographics are different than in Medford, police say the procedures established in each community are similar.

Medford Police has 27 officers who are trained in riot control tactics;17 of those officers are part of the SWAT team. Medford Police have followed the events in Missouri, they say one of the main priorities it’s reinforcing is the importance of keeping the public informed, especially during an officer involved shooting.

“Every situation is different, but any type of use of force, or I should say fatal use of force by police, holds heavy public scrutiny and that’s why it’s important for a thorough and transparent investigation to be done and have all the facts out there,” said Lt. Mike Budreau with Medford Police.

Medford Police officers also say they have extensive training in decision making and use of force. This helps them to decide when it is acceptable to use deadly force.