Local Mom Wins Car for Mother’s Day

MEDFORD, Ore. – This holiday weekend, a local mother got a big surprise from a local business. Lauralee Wallace was the big winner of the Mother’s Day Essay Car Giveaway at Crater Lake Ford.

Her son, Sam, submitted a Mother’s Day essay, which was made top three by popular vote. Those top three moms got to pick one of three keys to a new Mazda.

Only one of the keys worked, and it just so happened to be Lauralee’s.

She says it’s an over-the-top Mother’s Day gift, and says she intends to reward her son for his gifted writing.

“Well he probably never has to take the garbage out again,” said Wallace. “His younger brother is going to be very disappointed about that.”

As for the car, Lauralee says she and Sam intend to drive it rather than sell it.

They say their first step is to drive to all the friends and family who supported them — decals and all — to thank them for winning them a car.