Local Mom Drops Pounds for Better Life

Mona Loses WeightGRANTS PASS, Ore. — A local woman known for her efforts to help make playgrounds more wheelchair accessible in southern Oregon is now taking the time to re-build herself.

Over the past year, Mona Pinon, the founder of the Blue Slide Project, has been focusing on making lifestyle changes of her own.  Once morbidly obese, Pinon decided it was time to lose weight and get healthy.  She dropped more than 160 pounds in the past twelve months, but she said she could not have done it without the support of her friends, family and community.

“I wouldn’t have been able to do it on my own… it was too much… the picture was too big… it was too big of a number, and I always go overwhelmed with the number… so I would always start and give up because it was just too big you know,” said Pinon.

Pinon said she got most of her motivation from her brother who died from obesity. The community also played a big role in her weight loss.  When she decided to drop the pounds, she asked blue slide followers to donate per pound that she lost.   She raised more than $1,500 that will go towards the wheelchair accessible playground being built at a southern Oregon school.

She revealed her success to those who helped her along the way at a dinner on Saturday night.

Pinon said she is looking for volunteers for to help in the construction process of her new wheelchair accessible playground.  Construction starts June 23.  If interested contract Pinon at monapinon5@gmail.com or through the Blue Slide Project Facebook page.