Local Man Says Beef Jerky Damaged Tooth

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. – A local man is seeking compensation after he says he bit down on a piece of beef jerky and broke his tooth on the bone that was inside that stick.

Benjamin Stout claims last December he bought the Dollar Pack’s, bit into the strip and broke his back molar in half. He immediately contacted the manufacturer, Jack Links, a Wisconsin based company. Eight months later, his case is still in the works and he says all he wants is that company to pay for his less than thousand dollar dental bill.

E-mails dating back to January show a back and forth conversation about documents needed to complete the claim file and confirmations that something is being done. Stout says he has young nephews and the most important factor in this case is not his broken tooth, but the principle at stake.

“I am sure one of the boys would’ve chocked on it and I think that’s also one of the biggest thing, that it’s a safety issue they should be responsible,” says Stout.

In a statement Jack Link’s sent to NewsWatch 12 they explain the hold up, saying, “We are currently working with the original meat supplier to determine the source of any potential issue.”

But their meat supplier says differently. Minutes before NewsWatch12 met with Stout, the supplier sent this email saying, “Even with each of these documents, we have been unable to retrace the process by which you determine that it was our product that was incorporated into the beef jerky original stick.”

Up to this point, Stout says he has avoided getting attorneys involved. Stout says he is hoping to settle this debate out of court, but will seek legal advice if a resolution is not reached soon.


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  1. benji stout says:

    i think there was a mis communication here i said originally i just wanted the tooth fixed but now its been 8 months later and its a principle. I do want more for pain and suffering

  2. benji stout says:

    currently they are trying to say that it is not their responsibility and only want to pay less than 2k what would the public do

  3. Rich Brauer says:

    I too am in a suite with jack links and my piece of bone was dime sized. It was hidden with the flavoring they spray on the meat blended right in. I usually share with my daughter thank god she was with her mother and I was at home alone,because I have given her the last piece on occasion and it so happend it was the last piece. That day changed my life I was in so much pain I had to get the tooth removed and I got dry socket or infection or something all in all I suffered for well over a month!!! It was nuts I was few weeks into my first semester of college and got so behind I failed!! If I did not have so much pain I could have focused but I’ve never felt pain like that and I’ve expierenced lots of pain. I’m no sissy in other words.

    Anyway I apologize for venting but that day I chomped down on that jerky ruined my life I know I would have a certificate in entrepreneurship it’s not much but when you have the past I have it would have been a great thing for me to have considering I was wanting to open my own business. I have been fighting to survive in this world since the day I was born premature with club feet.Then when I was twelve I came home to find my parents dead on the hallway floor.(dad shot mom) I still have nightmares now this shit excuse the language. Also I felt the same way at first I contacted jack links figuring they would offer to fix tooth. Guess what I got coupons for more bones in a bag I then sent them back and contacted a lawyer now they are offering 2,500. That does not even cover my tooth. Can you help me this has literally made a life that blowed blow even harder lol all I can do is laugh or I think I might lose it thank you for reading this it has actually been kinda therapeutic.

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