Local Man Involved In Alleged Kidnapping

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — A Grants Pass man who is suspected of robbing at gunpoint appeared in court on Monday, facing multiple charges. In less than 48 hours, police say he was then involved in a kidnapping with his wife.

An affidavit reveals how the alleged kidnapping took place. Jose Anthony Aguirre and his wife Tonisa Torres knew the female victim.The report says the victim had her car stolen and Aguirre promised he could get it back for her. So, she showed up at Motel 6 to give him cash.

When she got to the room she saw Aguirre with methamphetamine, two firearms and cash. Aguirre then asked if the defendant wanted to help him sell meth, but she declined. He then threatened her to not tell anyone what she saw.

Later that day, his wife, Tonisa, contacted the victim and ended up kidnapping her taking her back to the motel. The victim managed to escape. Just less than two days before this alleged kidnapping, police say Aguirre hit a man with his gun and took his car.

“Obviously he’s a bad guy. You know, involved in two major crimes, kidnapping, car jacking, firearms related. You know, it’s someone that needs to be put behind bars,” said Sgt. Dan Evans.

The couple field the scene and were later located near Rogue River. The affidavit also shows Aguirre is from California, convicted this year for possession of a firearm. He’s also been in prison for robbery. Aguirre and his wife Torres are both facing a million dollar bail.