Local Man Found Alive After Crash

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NEAR MOUNT ASHLAND, Ore. — A man is found alive four days after crashing off a Forest Service road near Mt. Ashland.

Officials say the only reason crews found him in the first place were his calls for help. It took more than a dozen people working together to climb the steep hill and pull 52-year-old Kurt Liska to safety. Liska was strapped to a backboard and hauled out of the wilderness, back to the road. Officials say Liska was severely dehydrated; he had little or no food or water for more than 72 hours, but he was conscious and talking with rescuers.

Officials say the crash happened sometime Saturday night, or early Sunday morning. On a Forest Service road, a few miles west of the Mount Ashland Ski Area. They say he took a turn too fast, tumbled down the embankment, and believe Liska was thrown from the car. The first officials on scene say they found Liska 200 feet down the hill, on a shaded pile of rocks, his blue and white SUV not too far away.

The sheriff’s office says last night, Liska’s mother reported him missing in the Applegate area; deputies searched, but, of course, did not find him until today. Deputies say beyond dehydration, Liska had only minor injuries and once pulled from the wild land, he was mediated to a local hospital.