Local Immigrant Speaks Out After New Policy Announcment

By Rob Scott

MEDFORD, Ore — Ramiro Padilla came into the United States illegally in 1987 when he was just seventeen years old. He started out working in the fields but quickly worked his way up to being a dishwasher in Portland. In 1997 he took a chance and moved to Ashland where he opened his own resturant.

Padilla’s story is not uncommon. A new report shows that one out of every eleven small business owners in Oregon was born outside the U.S. That adds up to nearly 7,000 small business throughout the state.

With President Obama’s recent changes to immigration policy, Padilla thinks that could open the door for more business to get started, especially by the students it affects.

“This economy in the future of the United States depends on the students and the people that like to grow more and more and more.” said Padilla.