Local Group Building Houses for Ducks

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WHITE CITY, Ore. — Conservationists gathered on Saturday at the Denman Wildlife Area as part of an annual effort to preserve duck populations.

The group, Delta Waterfowl Foundation, meets every year to build houses balanced on trees and atop poles for varying species of duck to breed and avoid predators.

The Foundation claims that the houses have doubled the survival rate for many of the areas species of ducks, growing the population for nature enthusiasts and hunters alike.

Steve DeBerry, a member of the foundation, claims that he is a hunter himself, and says that it is one of the reasons why he invests in their conservation.

“I’ve been [duck] hunting it for about 45 years… So I grew up with it. And this is just my way, our way, to give back to the ducks,” said DeBerry.

DeBerry says that the goal of the foundation over the next few years is to double the population of ducks in the area by adding more houses each year.