Local Firefighters Honor 9-11 Fallen

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MEDFORD, Ore. – Area fire fighters climbed Medford’s tallest building today, in honor of the the climb and rescue effort that took the lives of 343 firefighters 11 years ago.

An annual tradition that marks the anniversary of one of America’s most devastating tragedies; more than a decade ago, an attack to the World Trade Center and Pentagon claimed the lives of thousands, including civilians and emergency responders.

While the majority of firefighters participating Tuesday were from Jackson and Josephine County, some came as far as Southern California. Everyone suited up completely and lined the bottom of the 11 story stairwell. Crews climbed in silence to the rooftop, symbolizing the heroic sacrifice made by the new york fire department that day.

On the roof top, a few words were shared before firefighters took a knee for a moment of silence. Officials say the images of that day are haunting, but believe it is important to reflect on the sacrifice made that day. Amongst the crowd Tuesday were generations of firefighters, from fire chiefs to newly-accepted interns. Officials say this ceremony is designed to remind everyone, regardless of rank, the importance of their duty and the courage taken by those special few.

While this ceremony ends Tuesday afternoon, the reflection does not. Fire Crews say the sacrifice made by the men and women in uniform is an image they take with them on every service call.