Local Fire Crews Sent to Colo. Wildfire

graybackMEDFORD, Ore. – Local fire resources are being sent to Colorado to help battle a wildfire that has destroyed hundreds of homes.

Officials with Grayback Forestry said multiple crews have already left southern Oregon and are en route to those fires. One team has been sent to the wildfire north of Colorado Springs, which has burned more than 300 homes already. Another Medford crew has been sent to the Crowley Creek fire, which is burning in eastern Oregon.

“This is what they prepare all year for,” said Bryan Wheelock with Grayback Forestry. “We train, we work in the field daily in southern Oregon to stay in shape. So when these calls come in, whether it’s 30 miles out of town, or in Colorado, this is what they live for.”

Wheelock said fire teams often go out for two week assignments, but can sometimes be kept longer.

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  1. Steve says:

    Mr. Sandberg,
    Your article uses the term “fire teams” improperly. A fire team is the group that manages the resources on an incident (fire, flood, earthquake). The term “crew” describes resources used on incidents (20-person handcrew, engine crew, helicopter crew, dozer crew). The individual people on crews are “crewmembers”. Fire teams are typically called “Incident Management Teams (IMT’s)” and are catagorized as Type 1, 2 , or 3 (based on complexity of incident). In the story, Grayback Forestry provided several crews that would be working for an Incident Management Team in Colorado. Proper terminology builds credibility with readers (many folks in SW Oregon are very familiar with wildland fire terminology).

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