Local E-Biz Cash in Cyber Monday

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ASHLAND, Ore. — Local online businesses are cashing in on a long weekend of online shopping. They say it’s resulted in big sales for the past five days.

Business leaders say the Rogue Valley is seeing a burgeoning e-business industry and local business owners say they have seen sales increase during the long holiday weekend.

Yala Designs, based in Ashland, said Black Friday and Cyber Monday are some of their largest sales of the year, and they estimate that they will send out about 500 packages on Monday.

The clothing company mostly sells wholesale to stores, but says it gets a jump in individual orders over the holiday weekend. They said Black Friday and Cyber Monday are important sales times for the company, but said they don’t want to rely on it in order to make a profit.

“We really like the boost in sales, it’s really helpful, but we want to keep those sales going all year round,” said Yala Designs Owner Nancy Morgan.

Loop Rope, which is based in Medford and recently expanded and moved its manufacturing into California, says it was also a big day for sales. Combined between their own web site and sites like Amazon, the company sees a jump in orders compared to other parts of the year.