Local Drivers Face Winter Conditions

SISKIYOU SUMMIT, ORE. – All the winter weather is making drivers watch the skies closely on Monday night, especially those heading over the mountain passes. The region saw that rain off and on throughout the day, but drivers in the Rogue Valley know that conditions can change quickly, so they’re keeping ready.

On the Siskiyou Summit pass, the conditions were mostly dry late Monday afternoon. There was some snow on the side of the roads, and some limited visibility at times. Currently ODOT is reporting spots of ice, and suggests drivers carry chains or traction tires. Drivers this afternoon near the summit say a sunny drive in Ashland quickly changed as they drive near the Oregon-California border.

“You could see the fog and the white when you’re going toward Yreka, it seems to be getting nasty a little further south. But it seemed nice. A little wet, but nothing too much,” said Ross Redfield, who is driving near Mt. Ashland

Highway 66 at the Greensprings is getting packed with snow and drivers are being asked to carry chains there. At Highway 140 at Lake of the Woods, ODOT is reporting packed snow, and chains are required for vehicles that are towing. On the sexton pass, conditions are much better, just rain and bare pavement.

Before you head to work in the morning or if you are hitting the road Monday night, ODOT says you should check the current road conditions.