Local DJ Accused of Counterfeiting Money

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Counterfeit tens, twenties and hundreds were found by Medford police and officials said they were in the process of being produced when they served a search warrant last month.

“Bills in all types of different parts of the process from the sheets to the finished bills. 10’s, 20’s and 100’s,” said Medford Police Lt. Brett Johnson.

Those bills were said to be produced by Medford man Ramonito Lloyd Salvador who may be more commonly known as DJ Hype. Salvador was arrested this morning when a detective stopped him and now faces ten counts of first degree forgery. At least one bill was passed off at a local business and police say there are things to look for that point to possible counterfeit bills.

“If they’re nervous, if they’re buying a pack of gum with a hundred just going for the change, but also check the feel. Does it feel like a legitimate bill? Check the colors,” said Lt. Johnson.

Medford police said recently there has been a spike in counterfeit bills and it is somewhat unusual to find someone local producing and passing them off.