Local Democrats React To Obama’s Speech

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MEDFORD, Ore. – The Democratic National Convention wrapped up its four day run with President Obama accepting his party’s nomination for a second term.

In Medford, many supporters were watching the president’s speech. Local Democrats said the speech made them feel the same way they did in 2008, while recognizing change won’t be easy. Gathered together in the Medford library, supporters of President Obama listened as he laid out his plans for the next four years. For people in attendance, that message was clear.

“The message that he speaks about, that we’re in it together, that’s where I come from. That’s in my heart,” said Wendell Fitzgerald an Obama supporter.

“We have a lot of concerns in our present family situation, but I believe President Obama can take it forward for families across the United States,” Darlene Taylor, another local supporter of Obama.

Some hoped the speech would help the president recapture the feeling of his 2008 campaign, but local Republicans say it was the same political rhetoric.

“He talked about working together in Congress with Republicans and Democrats. Yeah, he’ll work together with them, as long as you do it his way,” Richard Robertson, with the Jackson County Republicans.

As with any election, it’s a divisive speech, and a divisive campaign, as the two candidates are officially nominated. The first debate between Mitt Romney and President Obama is October 3rd. The topic is domestic policy. Joe Biden and Paul Ryan will debate October 11th on both domestic and foreign policy.