Local Couple Helps End Dog Meat Trade

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ASHLAND, Ore., — It was a simple picture which inspired Janis Rosenthal and Jeff Rinkoff to try and make a difference half a world away by ending the illegal dog meat trade.

“It looked like laundry in a basket being weighed, and I clicked on it and saw that it was dogs,” explained Rosenthal of the CNN story which triggered her to make a donation to Soi Dog.  The non-profit rescue organization in Thailand saves, vaccinates, neuters, spays, and often re-homes cats and as many of the hundreds of thousands of dogs in the country as possible.

Gregg Tully who helps run the organization says an intense part of Soi Dog’s mission is end the illegal dog meat trade which claims an estimated 200,000 dogs a year. The dogs are stolen from the street and even homes then driven through Laos into Vietnam where they are considered a delicacy.

“It’s really shocking,” said Tully. “Dogs are stolen, stuffed into trucks driven across the boarder in the middle of the night. They go, usually, days without food or water.  A lot of the dogs,  die in route and the ones who survived are killed in absolutely horrific conditions.”

“One of the most horrible aspects of it is many people in Vietnam think that torturing the animals before they kill them makes the meat more tender,” elaborated Rosenthal.
As Janis and Jeff learned more about the dog meat trade and what Soi Dog was doing, they decided to team up with GreaterGood to do make a difference.  Allison Wexler, Development Director at GreaterGood suggested using the couples $20,000 donation as a “Gifts That Give More” Campaign which doubles the original money through a matching program.

“The cost of caring for these dogs is tremendous. There are literally thousands of dogs and we are responsible for providing their food and a lot of their care,” said Tully

The now $40,000 donation built a 13,500 square foot shelter specifically for the 5000 dogs already rescued from the dog meat trade with in a couple months.
Recently, Janis and Jeff teamed up again with GreaterGood and Soi Dog, this time to create a shelter at a Buddhist Temple where thousands of dogs and cats have been abandoned. It too is a “Gifts That Give More” and is nearly funded.

Help end the dog meat trade and donate to Soi Dog by clicking here. For more information contact Janis Rosenthal by email at jr0032@yahoo.com.

Want to help locally? Contact Southern Oregon Humane Society, Friends of the Animal Shelter, C.A.T.S., JoCo Spay & Neuter, and Rogue Valley Humane Society.


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  1. Janis Rosenthal says:

    Erin Maxson did an amazing job on this story. What a pro! Thank you Erin for all your hard work and dedication.

  2. Sam says:

    Considered a culinary delicacy are they, and the more they are being tortured at that… Pity, for any animal species but the human sort having been FAR LONGER on this planet than the said humans could teach them a thing or two in the way of survival, not to mention… civilised behaviour, kindness and compassion. Often necessary, you might say. – Or shall we soon be asked to put up with cannibalism as well, in the name of a few ‘cultural differences’?

  3. Virginia says:

    I already follow Soi Dog on Facebook and know how amazing they are but to read this story and learn how the two of you were inspired and able to donate $20,000 is absolutely amazing! Thank you for caring.

  4. Yolanda Schultes says:

    This must to be stopped!!!!



  6. Val Orner says:

    It isn’t bad enough to murder these animals that are natural companions and are very loving, these morons “torture them to make them more tender”? What evil, sadistic beings these people must be! Actually, they aren’t even people–they are scumbags and I can’t even imagine such ignorance still exists on this planet. THIS MUST BE STOPPED IMMEDIATELY!!

  7. Eloise says:

    This has got to stop!!! This is the 21st Century and people are more barbaric towards animals than ever.
    Why can’t we just live and let live!!

  8. Marcy Flansburg says:

    God bless you. The world needs more wonderful people like Janis and Jeff for leading the way and making a difference for these unfortunate dogs.

  9. Karen says:

    This couple from Oregon, Janis and Jeff, are my new heroes. What they have done to end the dog meat trade in Thailand is nothing less than amazing. I had never heard of the organization called Soi Dog, but I will definitely look into it. God bless both of you.

  10. Maria says:

    I also have followed Soi Dog on FB and seeing this story and how the work of Soi Dog inspired this couple is so heart warming. I agree with all previous comments, the dog meat trade and the consumption of dogs and cats must be stopped. Yes it is amazing this ignorance exists and humans must be stopped from all forms of animal abuse world wide.

  11. Julie Harris says:

    Just sickening -have donated to this great organization ! Thanks for doing this – I just do not understand how anyone could think this was okay to do. Barbaric uneducated people !!!!!!!

  12. Veronica says:

    Thank-you both for stepping in and making a difference. You have now alerted even more people to the inhumane and horribly uncivilized way humans behave towards other species. I am proud of you and disgusted at the traders, all in the moment. I will contribute to Soi Dog in thailand and will not be a tourist in Thailand until this practice is annihilated.

  13. Thinker says:

    This couple’s noble contribution to help end such horrors notwithstanding, am I the only one who sees the ironic unawareness they also seemingly share with most of the world? The story says they have a background in “medical research,” which still today almost always includes torturing and killing animals, TOO…and yes, including, but not limited to, dogs and cats! (some of whom are ALSO stolen from the streets of N. America, if not bred purposely into a quasi-life of misery)

    Can only hope this couple read comments left here, thereby inviting them to expand their compassion and awareness to *western* society’s (and theirs, personally) own attitudes, professions and actions as well. NO forms of animal abuse can be justified or rationalized away, with any hope of sounding sane or truly compassionate.

    “”In their capacity to feel pain and fear, a pig is a dog is a bear is a boy.” ~ Phillip Wollen

  14. Muriel Servaege says:

    Thank you for rescuing all those dogs!

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