Local Computer Service Talks About Data

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MEDFORD, Ore. — After IRS executives claim years of emails were lost after a hard drive crash, a Medford computer service center talks about the data recovery process.

The Connecting Point Service Center sees hundreds of crashed computers every year, and they say that hard drive issues are one of the most common problems for customers.

They also say that data recovery is a very common process they do every day at their store with high success rates. However, they did say that data recovery is harder if a drive has been tampered with, or if there is extreme physical damage.

However, if emails are lost, service technicians say that there should still be information available because more than one hard drive would be in use for email communication.

“The email is typically stored on the sender and receivers hard drive, so you would find a correspondence from a person to a recipient and you would see the sent email on the sender’s hard drive, as well as the recipients email on the recipients hard drive,” said Connecting Point Service Manager Jason Kellogg.

Technicians also recommend backing up any important information.