Local Cities Weigh Pot Dispensary Rules

dispensariesCENTRAL POINT, Ore. — Communities across Oregon are trying to prepare for the medical marijuana dispensary law that goes into effect in a few months. Now several more cities in southern Oregon are deciding what their legal options are.

In Tuesday’s Eagle Point City Council meeting, councilors brought up the issue, but did not make a definite decision. Mayor Bob Russell said the city already has a law that prohibits business licenses to anything that violates, local, state, and federal law. Under federal law, marijuana is illegal.

The Central Point Council has talked about the same topic and are currently looking into creating buffer zones around schools and neighborhoods.

One councilor said it’s a complicated issue, but that it’s inevitable.

“Anybody in any city would be lying if it’s something that isn’t on their mind,” said city councilor Kelly Geiger. “There’s the growing aspect of it and there’s the dispensary aspect of it. And all of them affect a lot of citizens.”

The city of Medford previously announced a plan to try to block dispensaries from opening within city limits. Last week, Phoenix city leaders said they will wait for more information from state lawmakers before the dispensary rules go into effect in March.